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How Lymited is about to change the world of luxury

How Lymited is about to change the world of luxury

Shh… The secret is out. Lymited’s marketplace launches this month and the world of luxury is about to change.

Exclusive pieces including a Hermès Kelly bag and signed Yeezy Kanye kicks will be among the luxury wares on show when luxury platform Lymited launches this month – and Spear’s readers have an exclusive chance to get in on the action before anyone else.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Romane Howsam, Lymited will showcase ‘exquisite’ finds from the worlds of fashion, jewellery, watches, art, design and cars, releasing themed collections throughout the year.

And, what’s more, Spear’s readers can exclusively sign up here to access its first collection 24 hours before its launch.

‘As a young founder, it was important to me that Lymited reflected the creativity and energy of youth,’ says Howsam, who founded the company during her gap year. ‘At the same time, I wanted us to offer best-in-class curation, expertise and technology. I believe we’ve got an incredible mix of talent and our launch will be a breath of fresh air into the industry.’

Indeed, the collections presented on the platforms are carefully curated by its in-house experts, handpicked for their knowledge and extensive contacts books. ‘Expect limited-editions, cool designer collabs, rare one-of-a-kinds and the fantastical,’ the company says.

Envisioned as a ‘trendy boutique for the world’s most expensive items’, members of the Lymited marketplace can buy items outright, and request experts to source pieces that they are unable to find.

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Among its wares includes a Hermès Kelly with craie HSS, Breguet Marin 5837 Tourbillon, Nike Air 1 Para Friends & Family, Hannah Martin Pierced Malachite Ring and a Wael Shawky ‘Untitled’ Drawing.

Each of these items embody Lymited’s curated brand of luxury. The Hermès Kelly 25 bag is stamped and sealed with the hotly sought-after Hermès horseshoe stamp reserved for limited-edition bags that are likely to be the only one of their kind. Classic Hermès bags traditionally are crafted using a single-coloured leather. A dual colourway bag always reveals it has been made to order with a client being able to choose the leathers, colours and stitching.

Meanwhile, Nike’s Air Max 1 Parra are currently unreleased and are extremely hard to procure. A ‘holy grail’ for sneakerheads, the Dutch artists’ collaboration with Nike Designed mashes up red, grey, and pink stripes with blue polka dots, brings street art direct to your feet – look out for the deliberate omission of Nike’s signature ‘swoosh’.

The Breguet Marin 5837 Tourbillon is selected as a homage to one of the forefathers of fine watchmaking and the highly respected marque he founded. Created about 200 years ago, the tourbillon is a complex mechanism that negates the effects of gravity to improve the watch accuracy. A much sought-after feature by horology aficionados, it’s a feature of only the most exclusive timepieces, as it can take weeks for even the most experienced watchmakers to assemble.

Artist Wael Shawky’s work is one of two drawings created exclusively for Lymited. Widely known for his immersive and powerfully evocative installations, Shawky’s works are emblematic of a style that has seen him exhibit at venues including the Serpentine, MoMA PS1, and K20 in Dusseldorf.

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As well as the marketplace, Lymited is also set to launch its Token Platform soon. Harnessing the power of the sharing economy, the Token Platform will offer shares in selected ‘high value assets’.

Buying a share in a high-value asset is akin to owning a percentage of a Picasso. The Token Platform will offer exclusive enjoyment rights to the co-owners – be that a track day with the car or an intimate dinner with an artist, for instance.

The curated items are released one at a time and the platform itself is set to launch with aplomb debuting with James Bond’s famous Aston Martin DB5. With a limited run of just 25 cars, it is an undisputed British masterpiece.

Exciting? It’s all just the start for a brand that is set to become a fixture in the world of luxury.

Exclusive Lymited link for Spear’s readers