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The Tongsai Bay, Thailand, replaces plastic straws with lemongrass

The Tongsai Bay, Thailand, replaces plastic straws with lemongrass

A Thai resort has successfully replaced damaging plastic straws with a greener alternative: lemongrass stalks

The Tongsai Bay, Koh Samui, Thailand, has eliminated all plastic and paper straws from its property. Instead, a cutting of lemongrass, grown in the resort’s own gardens, is provided in beverages. It can be used exactly as a manmade straw, but without the damaging environmental impacts.

Long and thin, like a blade of grass, the outer layers of lemongrass can be carefully removed, forming a hollow tube, making them the perfect drinking aids. Because the lemongrass will be grown and disposed of on-site at The Tongsai Bay, there is no negative environmental impact.

Compare that to plastic and paper straws. Materials for these must be sourced and transported long distances to factories, where they are made in machines using glues and other chemicals, before being put into wasteful packaging. They will then be transported around the world, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Once the straws are used, most will end up in oceans or in landfill, with plastic straws taking up to 200 years to degrade. More than 500 million straws are disposed of every year in the USA alone.

The Tongsai Bay’s lemongrass straws are environmentally friendly throughout the straw’s life cycle, from planting to disposal, when they will degrade naturally back into the soil within a matter of weeks.

The luxury, five-star resort, The Tongsai Bay has been a leader in environmental issues since it opened 30 years ago. You can read its full environmental policy here:

The Tongsai Bay was the first luxury hotel to open on Koh Samui in 1987. It has 83 suites, cottages and villas, all with ocean views, overlooking the secluded bay.  Situated amongst 28 acres of natural vegetation, it is a haven for wildlife. The Tongsai Bay is renowned for its privacy and tranquillity, its passionate love for the environment and the friendliness of its staff.

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