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Richard & Sophie Rogerson
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Richard and Sophie Rogerson meet with Spear’s at the George, still glowing from their deserved victory as Property Advisers of the Year at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards in November. ‘There used to be articles about how the most expensive house in London was £25 million,’ says Richard. ‘Now you see the entry level for Chelsea Barracks is £37 million. It’s amazing,’ he says, with an empathetic amusement which must be reassuring to clients. ‘They want to buy a view, definitely; they want to buy a location,’ explains Sophie. This husband-and-wife team has an impressive mix of expertise. William Drake brings decades’ worth of private client experience as the firm’s chairman – and the Rogersons themselves are ex-Macfarlanes and able to add value in that way during deals. Lawyers love them. What kind of clients come to them? ‘It’s rare now for people to sink all they have into a home. If you’re part of the global elite you split your assets,’ says Sophie. ‘These are not primary homes,’ adds Richard. As for their clients’ tastes, ‘Tall, thin townhouses are definitely out of vogue,’ says Sophie. ‘Why would I want to live over seven floors if I can have a lateral apartment?’