Illustrations by Made In Chelsea's Anna-Louise Felstead - Spear's Magazine

Illustrations by Made In Chelsea’s Anna-Louise Felstead

The first piece, appropriately enough, is about Daisy Price, our Mid-Atlantic Girl columnist, who went from being a Londoner to a New Yorker, just like Anna-Louise.



Refashioning Myself: Having taken herself back across the Atlantic, Daisy Prince finds that what is fabulous in London is merely frou-frou in New York

15 Dating

No Sex and the City: Is there any point dating a broke banker? Leah McLaren wants to help by casting a few pearls of feminine wisdom before all those poor unattached swine in the Square Mile


Rum Business or Jamaican Fizz? Jamaica wants to become the Caribbean’s next big investment magnet. Think about it and you’ll realise that’s not as unlikely as it might sound, says William Cash

18 MAG hunting

Life in the Flask Lane: Wowee a hunt ball in upstate New York that’s a match for its booze-sodden English counterparts. Bottoms up, says Daisy Prince

29 MAG Logan

Just Firing Off Some Copy: Brave, tireless and, as recent events in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere have shown, more necessary than ever, all hail the female war correspondent, says Daisy Prince

Jewel Rallies

Vroom With a View: Have classic car, will travel? Jonathan Bell on the joys of rallying across picturesque landscapes in faraway lands


Cinderella Story: Luxury goods firms and those that aspire to a little luxury are betting billions that upscale consumers are fed up with being fed up. Can snazzy brands smell an upturn that has eluded practitioners of the dismal science? John Arlidge reports


No Problem Child Too Small: She’s the woman HNWs turn to when their little angels insist on behaving like little devils. Caroline Phillips meets ‘Supergranny’, aka Noël Janis-Norton


Investing in horses is risky you bet it is. Do anything filly and it could be a dam shame. But if you study the form you should be all right in the mane, says Eleanore Kelly