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Hedgehog: A different kind of robo adviser

Hedgehog: A different kind of robo adviser

One leading divorce lawyer is embracing technology in interesting new ways

Many of us have struggled with life under coronavirus lockdown, but not all. Divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag has honed her ability to work remotely since moving to Dubai and shares her secret with Hedgehog.

‘I have a little robot, called the Varbot,’ says Vardag, who describes her computerised avatar as ‘rather like Skype on an iPad, on a Segway.’ ‘She shows my face, live, on her face-level screen,’ explains Vardag, who can control her mini-me – and keep tabs on her employees – from her mobile phone. ‘She can move pretty fast. One time she chased one of my partners up the office to catch him before he could hide in a meeting room. Sometimes, when she goes to office parties, my colleagues dress her up with a chic little jacket and a pussy bow blouse.’

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