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Dark Arts: Luxury Chess Sets

Purling London’s chess sets mix the traditional with the edgy to create statement pieces for future generations.

The company is just one of a growing number of bespoke boardgame producers catering to our nostalgia for a bygone time. Not to mention our desire to find increasingly unique centrepieces for the home.

Purling London Dark Chess

Purling London Dark Chess

The company’s latest invention is ‘dark chess’. It features a handmade board with different modes of illumination for both play and display, accompanied by beautiful hardwood pieces in traditional Staunton style.

Simon Purkis, Purling London Founder, explains: “I first thought of the idea for Dark Chess when playing the game on a warm summer’s evening on a beach.

“As the sun set I found that it was becoming difficult to identify and differentiate between the chess pieces. It occurred to me that this added another layer to the game – an element of surprise and stealth. I recognised that the ancient pursuit of chess had no need to become more challenging, but playing in the darkness left me thinking… “

Boards and playing pieces can be tailored to the individual – from engraved messages to unique colour schemes – allowing you to create a completely unique, one off design.

Purling London Dark Chess

Purling London Dark Chess

Standard Dark Chess: £1,995 from Purling London. Customer commission by quotation only.

To view Purling London’s complete range of chess sets, go to: www.purlinglondon.com