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South Africa hasn't gone to the dogs at the Makanyane Lodge

The local 'painted dogs', after whom the lodge is named, are the perfect symbol for your perfect holiday

Makanyane Lodge takes its name from the local word for the rare 'painted dogs' which survive against all the odds in the wilds of Africa. You may see the pack charging across the golden savannah in pursuit of antelope, followed by bigger scavenging hyena aiming to steal their kill.

In the competitive hierarchy of African predators, the delicate painted dogs lead a precarious existence, surviving by their wits, speed and co-operation within the pack.

It may be success in your own competitive hierarchy that enables you to experience the thrilling beauty of wild Africa at its best. And a stay at Makanyane places you in the very midst of the wildlife in high comfort and privacy.

Makanyane Lodge South Africa

Eight magnificent suites blend with their surroundings so you can step out of your lounge onto your private deck and gaze across the trees, rivers and savannahs of timeless Africa. In fact, your entire suite is cleverly designed to enhance a sense of intimacy with the beauty of real Africa, yet one small, safe step removed.

You retire to a sumptuous bed enveloped in fine cotton sheets and plump pillows, yet beyond the glass walls birds and butterflies flit through the trees. You can soak in your tub with a good book to the sound of elephants gathering at the Marico River below you. Or shower under a starry African sky as the distant grunting roar of a lion carries across the plains.

Makanyane Lodge South Africa

Return from an enthralling morning safari to take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool, or allow the therapist to take your body to a deeper realm of relaxation at Makanyane's spa. Return again after the excitement of your afternoon safari to the delights of dinner. Chef Mauritz Greef learned his craft in exquisite Cape Town restaurants and his cuisine is complemented by a cellar endowed with fine examples of Cape wines.

But the reason for being here, after all, is to enjoy the wildlife and Makanyane sits amidst one of Africa's most exciting safari reserves – and it's malaria free. All the Big Five are here: elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros, together with a host of wildlife which roam the woodlands, savannahs, hills and rivers of Madikwe.

Each is uniquely beautiful and fascinating, from elegant, curious giraffe to cavernously yawning hippopotamus. As your open vehicle moves across these timeless landscapes your eagle eyed guide may spot a pack of painted dogs racing across the plains. This truly is a place to savour the precious wonders of Africa.

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