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Lapada Art and Antiques Fair

LAPADA Art and Antiques Fair, Berkeley Square
26 September

If ever a perfect union were made, it is surely the marriage of theatre and art celebrated with a banquet of fine wine and food.

The LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair and London’s Bush Theatre have joined forces to create the first Bush Beano charity soirée – co-chaired by renowned Brit actor and former Bush student Jim Broadbent and LAPADA’s Gianni Alen-Buckley – which will include theatrical performances expressing the importance of valued objects. (Bush is as in the theatre, Beano as in a great party.)

‘The money raised will support the Bush Theatre’s Discovery Fund, which nurtures budding British playwrights and directors at the most vulnerable point in their careers,’ says Alen-Buckley. ‘The scheme is really a seedbed for anyone who thinks theatre is important.’

The event, held at the LAPADA Art and Antiques Fair in Berkeley Square from 6pm on 26 September, includes an art auction (offers comprise a HarperCollins publishing deal and dinner for four at the House of Lords among many others) and a special performance by actress and director Caroline Horton, as well as food and drink by award-winning chef Mark Hix.

Tickets are £75 including cocktails, champagne and canapés. For more information or to book online, click here or call 07851 734 026.