Guest recipe: Philippe Jourdin's line-caught seabass cooked on fennel wood and green asparagus with a black olive oil emulsion - Spear's Magazine

Guest recipe: Philippe Jourdin’s line-caught seabass cooked on fennel wood and green asparagus with a black olive oil emulsion

With the weather for once being appropriate for summer, heavy food is the last thing on my mind. The appetite always seems smaller in hot, sunny times, and I certainly tend to crave lighter meals. This week’s guest recipe comes courtesy of chef Philippe Jourdin, who has the pleasure of cooking for guests at the five-star Terre Blanche resort in Provence.

One of his signature dishes, this is surprisingly easy to recreate at home. Seeing as nowhere does summer cooking better than the Mediterranean, it is the perfect place to find some supper inspiration.

Serves 8
1 seabass of 4kg
400g green asparagus
2 lemons
400ml black olive oil
100ml olive oil
Juice of a third of a lemon
Salt, pepper

400g of raw green asparagus
500ml of chicken broth/stock
Zest of 8 blanched lemons
20ml black olive oil
Lemon juice

To cook the fish
Ask your fishmonger to prepare the bass and cut the fish into slices of 140g.

Season the fish with salt and sprinkle a pinch of pepper, brush with oil and place it on a bed of fennel. Cook for 12 minutes in a 80°C heated oven. Remove the fish from the oven and leave in a warm place.

Stewed asparagus
Dice the peeled asparagus, heat olive oil in a pan and sauté the asparagus, add salt and pepper, then fill the pan with water and cook down until completely reduced.

Crush roughly with a fork and add a spoon of olive oil.

If you want to go all out for presentation, place into a rectangular mould and dress with olive oil and lemon juice.

Slice the green asparagus, sweat them off in olive oil and moisten with the hot chicken broth, add the blanched lemon zest and cook for six minutes, stir the mixture and pour through a conical strainer.

Heat it up again and blend the sauce adding olive oil and a dribble of lemon juice.

Plate up and serve!