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Aerofex unveil Star Wars inspired hoverbike

Author: Romy van den Broeke

Not only can it hold two passengers, float 10ft and travel at 45mph; the Aero-X has also overcome the ‘coupling effect.’ A problem found in rotor-driven devices such as helicopters which can cause it to turn uncontrollably if pitched forward during flight. Plenty of expensive training and thorough aviation knowledge is required in order to navigate and control coupling, but by removing the problem altogether Aerofex have made hovering accessible and inexpensive.

You think that’s clever? To top it off the Aero-X is covered in tiny gyroscopes and accelerometers – like those found in smartphones – and can detect things such as forceful gusts of wind and react accordingly.


Put $5,000 down now and you’ll be flying your very own hoverbike by 2017. After you’ve paid the remaining $80,000, of course.