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William Curley’s Top 5 Tips for Working With Chocolate

Master chocolatier William Curley gives his top five tips for working with chocolate

William Curley, chocolatier extraordinaire, gives us his 5 top tips for working with chocolate:

1. Always make sure you are working with chocolate made with good ingredients — so all natural, cocoa butter, cocoa solids — make sure you read the label so you know what you are buying

2. Shop around a little bit, buy several different brands and do your own taste-test, work out what your taste buds like and what flavours you find you can work with

3. Always store chocolate in a cool dry place- but not the fridge. Store it at around 15 degrees.

4. Try not to work in a hot and humid environment when working with chocolate, this can cause it to ‘bloom’

5. Don’t be scared!

One you feel confident with these tips, you can try making his truffles — we’ve posted his recipe for dark chocolate truffles here.

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