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The McLaren Lifestyle: Being Part of the Community

The McLaren Lifestyle: Being Part of the Community

The relationship between McLaren and their owners works both ways, they have forged a real community

Purchasing a McLaren is the first step in the formation of a close bond between owner and brand. McLaren designs and manufactures vehicles with intricate detail and the highest level of precision. The fact that they place as much onus on the post purchase customer journey, as they do with the quality of their cars, may seem like an exaggeration. It’s not.

The moment someone drives out of the showroom for the first time, be it in the new Artura or 720S, they enter a wider community of McLaren owners and enthusiasts. A typical McLaren owner loves to drive. It’s a passion that has been cultivated and distilled into its purest form. Be it the freedom of the open road or the white knuckle, adrenaline infused experience that can only be garnered from a day at the track.

“We find that our owners have a true love of driving that exceeds any of our competitors,” says Geoff Tink, McLaren’s regional manager in the US. “They want to be behind the wheel, they want to experience the thrill of the drive. But they also want to experience the community that can be obtained through supercar ownership and driving together.”

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This understanding of their community has allowed McLaren to cultivate an ownership experience that is malleable — forming to the needs and desires of each individual and the wider community. “More than anything, buying a supercar is a lifestyle decision,” says Tink. “We make every effort we can to build the supercar into the lifestyle of its owner.”

McLaren has a thorough aftercare program. Its industry-leading genuine parts and accessories service ensures vehicles remain at the top of their game and reflect their owners’ personalities. However, McLaren’s post-purchase efforts are far more than just skin deep.

A McLaren way of life

Strengthened by the intrinsic knowledge of its community, McLaren has crafted a multitude of experiences and activities to suit the lifestyles of the owners. While all McLaren owners are passionate about driving, their level of experience and available time varies. To accommodate the wide breadth of the community, there is a huge array of opportunities for drivers to enjoy.

“Many of our owners love to drive as part of community, we have developed a variety of activities to scratch that itch,” says Tink. “It could be a track day or a rally. Our rallies range from small one-day events to lengthy multi-day affairs we call Epic McLaren events.”

These events see the cars pushed to high speeds at the race track and over extensive distances on the road, encouraging the community of owners to fully enjoy their vehicles.

It is not all fast-paced action though, McLaren also hosts car and coffee events, which allow owners to gather and talk with like-minded members of the community. They have even organized drive-in movie evenings. “These smaller events are the perfect example of how supercar ownership can be a lifestyle,” says Tink.

Listening to the community

McLaren ensures that the relationship it has with its customers goes both ways. The effort McLaren has placed into forging this network of drivers opens up a line of communication that helps to create the best experience for motorists.

McLaren has found that its owners also have great interest in the engineering and design that goes into creating their vehicles. “We aim to give our owners unrivaled access to our engineers and designers,” says Tink.

This dialogue that occurs between owners and engineers is a two-way street. “We regularly have engineers and designers at events talking with customers,” says Tink. “Not just so that the customer can learn about the car, but also so our engineers can take in feedback from customers.”

This symbiotic relationship between driver and designer has played a key role in developing McLaren into a brand that owners love, actively follow and want to succeed.

The McLaren Factor

It may be easy to forget that McLaren is not just a supercar manufacturer, but also one of the most successful motor racing teams in history. While McLaren Automotive and McLaren Racing are separate subsidiaries of the McLaren Group, their close ties mean owners of the cars are almost always followers of what’s happening on the track.

“McLaren owners don’t just have a love of motorsport in the context of their own supercar. They also love to be part of the McLaren motorsport experience,” says Tink.

This McLaren motorsport experience takes many forms, from the famous and long running Formula One team, to IndyCar as well as the electric off road series Extreme E. Recently the McLaren Group strengthened its commitment to sustainable motorsport by announcing its entry into the next series of Formula E — the all-electric equivalent of Formula One.

These races act as the perfect meeting points across the world where the McLaren community comes together to follow their favorite team. McLaren recently held the Pure McLaren: Silverstone event, where owners met for a four-day track event at one of the world’s most famous racetracks. “We have qualified McLaren driving instructors present at these events to provide one-on-one guidance with our supercar owners, ensuring they squeeze every tenth out of their car,” says Tink.

Held less than a month after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, this event truly represents the lifestyle aspect of joining the McLaren community.

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