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The Guardian's Hipster Food Glossary Is Patronising Tosh

It has all the vitality of a limp piece of lettuce

The only thing annoying me more than Excel this morning is the ‘hipster food glossary’ on the Guardian. It is dreadful for several reasons – not only does it have all the vitality of a limp piece of lettuce, but it is also patronising, out of date and not at all helpful.

Calling it a 'hipster glossary' is painful before you even get to the contents. It shows a lack of understanding as to who or what ‘hipsters’ are: how many hipsters have you seen walking around Shoreditch extolling the virtues of whipped butter or bubble tea? He's using the word to look on-trend but has shown up just how out-of-touch he is.

It's the first fail of many. Suggesting that we might not realise that Mac ’n’ Cheese is macaroni cheese – it is after all a 'confusing' name, he says – and furthermore that we might not remember that this dish has been around for decades is another.

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On to the next: bubble tea first appeared over here in early 2011, so highlighting it is nothing more than a sign that he really doesn’t know much about 2012’s food trends (or if he does he is hiding is exceedingly well). It was also never really that much of a trend to start with – not in the way that burgers or limited menus have been.

I could go on but I would only get grumpier, and possibly hungry. It is a lazy collection of googling that tells us very little about food trends but volumes about someone who clearly doesn’t have a finger on the gastronomic pulse of the capital.

PS: The author's profile says ‘he likes Greggs pasties’, which instantly makes me doubt his credentials (yes, I’m being a food snob) but perhaps explains everything that follows.

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