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Start your day the charitable way with the Great British Brekkie

I only skip breakfast on very rare occasions and generally this is more by accident then design. Next week, though, none of you should be skipping your morning snack as the Great British Brekkie will be taking place to raise money for Winston’s Wish. Winston’s Wish is a charity that supports bereaved children in Britain and to be able to do their work properly they need to raise £2.3 million every year.

Now, to do your bit to help they are asking that you hold your own Great British Brekkie event between 10 and 16 February. There is no cost to take part but they ask that any fellow breakfast takers donate as much as they can.

If like me, you struggle to pick a favourite breakfast and swing wildly on a daily basis between a thick fruit yoghurt topped with a little Rude Health granola (I’m trying this out at the moment – no refined sugars just naturally sweet ingredients like honey or maple syrup and lots of nice grains) and a big, delicious plate of eggs Benedict, this is a great excuse to have some folks over and enjoy them all at once with a few lovely pastries thrown in for good measure. You can find out more at

And for those of you who are brave and go for the eggs Benedict here is a sneaky tip for how to rescue a split hollandaise sauce:

If your sauce splits simply get a fresh bowl, place over the bain-marie and add one egg yolk and a little splash of water to it. Then slowly add the split hollandaise you made earlier. Keep whisking and adding the split mix bit by bit and by the time it is all reincorporated your sauce will be as good as new. Much more efficient than starting over and you end up with a little extra sauce as a cook’s treat!