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ST: Full Rich List available from here

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From the Sunday Times:

(2008 rank in brackets)     Down Fortune Down     Up Fortune Up     Same No change     New New entry    

Rank Name Worth Fall/rise   Source of wealth
1 (1) Lakshmi Mittal and family £10,800m Down £16,900m Steel
2 (2) Roman Abramovich £7,000m Down £4,700m Oil, Industry
3 (3) The Duke of Westminster £6,500m Down £500m Property
4 (6) Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli £5,000m Down £650m Pharmaceuticals
5 (7) Hans Rausing and family £4,000m Down £1,400m Packaging
6 (9) Sir Philip and Lady Green £3,830m Down £500m Retailing
7 (13) Charlene and Michel de Carvalho £2,960m Down £670m Inheritance, Brewing, Banking
8 (15) Sammy and Eyal Ofer £2,677m Down £659m Shipping , Property
9= (10) David and Simon Reuben £2,500m Down £1,800m Property
9= (19) Joe Lewis £2,500m Down £300m Foreign exchange, Investment
9= (8) John Fredriksen £2,500m Down £2,150m Shipping
9= (14) Kirsten and Jorn Rausing £2,500m Down £1,000m Inheritance, Investment
13 (12) Sean Quinn and family £2,295m Down £1,435m Property, Insurance
14 (17) Earl Cadogan and family £2,000m Down £930m Property
15 (28) Alan Parker £1,800m Down £286m Duty-free shopping
16 (52) Sir Ken Morrison and family £1,610m Up £160m Supermarkets
17 (35) Roddie Fleming and family £1,550m Down £350m Finance
18= (5) Alisher Usmanov £1,500m Down £4,226m Steel, Mines
18= (47=) Eddie and Sol Zakay £1,500m Same Property
18= (26) Mahdi al-Tajir £1,500m Down £700m Metals, Oil, Water
18= (47) Mark Pears and family £1,500m Same Property
18= (18) Nicky Oppenheimer £1,500m Down £1,370m Diamonds, Mining
18= (31) Poju Zabludowicz £1,500m Down £500m Property, Hotels
24 (24) Bernie Ecclestone £1,466m Down £934m Motor racing
25= (38) Ian and Richard Livingstone £1,400m Down £480m Property

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