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Spear’s Monday Catch-Up

We’ve selected the best reads from the weekend papers

We’ve selected the best reads from the weekend papers:

1. Soak the rich. Start with the mustard cords, The Times (£)

Nick Clegg’s useless tax wheeze will never work. You have to use stealth – and that means using your imagination

2. Mature Markets, Financial Times (£)

Luxury brands are waking up to the power of the older woman. Is it possible that these days 80 is the new 20?

3. Owen Jones: Hague is wrong…we must own up to our brutal colonial past, The Independent

We associate the term ‘concentration camps’ with the Nazis. But it started with the British.

4. Will.i.am: the player, Financial Times (£)

Nasa, Obama, Intel, Coca-Cola: why everyone wants a piece of will.i.am

5. US elections 2012: is Facebook ‘the real presidential swing state’?, The Guardian

Can Barack Obama capitalise on his online domination of Mitt Romney – or is the net academic when so many voters have already made up their minds?

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