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Spear’s herby tabbouleh recipe

Emily Rookwood

I use herbs in practically everything I cook — and why wouldn’t you with so many available to us. The sheer variety of herbs doesn’t mean things have to get complicated though. Below is one of my favourite — and very simple — dishes that is nothing without its herby additions.


I love to serve this with a simply roasted chicken, flatbreads, hummus and a vibrant beetroot sauce. It is the perfect dish for a summer lunch with friends. If your numbers suddenly swell, grill some aubergines drizzled with oil and some good fleur de sel for an extra little side dish. My version is somewhat untraditional, but I prefer a little extra bulk (so more bulgur) and a fresher taste (so lemon and no ground spices).


Herby recipe


100g bulgur wheat
A big bunch of parsley and half that amount of fresh mint
3 spring onions, finely sliced (or chopped with scissors for ease)
A handful of cherry tomatoes
Juice of one lemon
A good slug of olive oil
Salt and pepper
Pomegranate arils

Rinse the bulgur wheat well before soaking in salted boiling water for 20 minutes. Drain well and fork through.

Dice the cherry tomatoes (you could use larger tomatoes, I just like the sweetness of the smaller ones) and mix in a large bowl with the spring onion.

Chop the herbs up, not forgetting to use the parsley stalks, which have great flavour and add a nice bit of additional crunch, and add to the bowl.

Tip in the cooled bulgur wheat and toss all the ingredients together. In a little dish mix together the lemon juice and oil to make a simple dressing.

Pour over the bulgur and herbs and mix through. Season to taste and sprinkle the pomegranate over the top to serve.

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