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‘Smallest house in the world’ goes on sale in Barnsbury for £275k

Author: Aoife Moriarty

Despite a Halifax survey claiming a ‘cooling off’ in house prices today, a rather chucklesome example of just how lucrative the housing market has become appeared over the weekend.

The ‘unique’ house in Barnsbury compels the owner to walk on the kitchen work tops to reach the bed and is – to put it mildly – a bit of a tight squeeze.

Among its features are a shelf-like ‘bedroom’ elevated above the living space and a toilet that is in dangerously close quarters to the shower. The ad also boasts of ‘built in storage’ underneath the living area’s floorboards. Just as well it was incorporated, as there doesn’t appear to be much room to put your belongings elsewhere.

However estate agents Winkworth are understandably confident it will fetch its £275,000 asking price. After all, the property is based on the desirable Richmond Avenue – just a stone’s throw from popular Upper Street with its abundance of bars and nightlife.

The company told the Guardian the home would likely sell to “to an investor who’ll let it as a short-let on Airbnb”. Are you in the market for a property that is so tiny it’s almost charming?

Barnsbury terraced house

Barnsbury terraced house

Barnsbury terraced house

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