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Ros Bever
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Last year was a big one for Bever. She represented both Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil at the Supreme Court in landmark cases that redefined the law and its reach into disclosure of assets. Gohil made it clear that she saw no winners in divorce but praised Bever ‘and the whole team at Irwin Mitchell, who have believed in me and my case. At the eleventh hour they gave up their time to put in the tremendous amount of hard work they have to bring my case to this court.’

The Manchester-based Bever is keen to point out that she acts for men as well as women, saying it helps her to have a better understanding of the other party’s perspective. Tellingly, her male clients agree: ‘She gave me the best advice ever, all delivered in a calm and pragmatic way. When my friend and colleague needed a divorce lawyer, I tracked her down — we had just sold our shares for £20 million and it was a case of damage limitation.’

Damage limitation is also a priority for her smaller clients, to whom she offers an after the event insurance policy to protect them from adverse costs orders.