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Pauline Fowler
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Complex cases, both legally and emotionally, seem to be Fowler’s natural habitat. A children’s case in recent years ‘involved the local authority and some serious drug use on the part of the mother. I was acting for the father and looking at an enormously difficult situation to deal with. But we got a very good result and secured the situation for his children,’ as she previously told Spear’s.

The new legal world of same-sex parenting is also a space she navigates: ‘Same-sex parents are having children with friends and the long-term implications of parenting with someone with whom you’re not in an intimate relationship are really complicated.’

Credited by peers for her ‘levelheadedness’ at such times, the violinist is indispensible to clients, with one telling her: ‘You shall never know how grateful I am for everything you have done for me…you helped me beyond measure.’