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Nataša Williams

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Nataša Williams
Wealth Managers 2018
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Top Ten UHNW Wealth Managers

Nataša Williams is gregarious and astute. She is excited about some of her newest clients, who are largely entrepreneurs: ‘The global markets are buoyant and we’re really pushing the boundaries with what we can do – there’s a lot of private equity funding available.’

Despite her optimism, Williams has concerns about the ‘tectonic shift’ facing the UK economy. ‘I like my clients to participate in the global economy and remain as far protected from any UK decline as possible,’ she says. ‘We’re all global citizens these days, with global spending requirements, and my clients’ investments should reflect that. I advise people to look very carefully at currency and international diversification.’ 

Williams believes the best investment opportunities are disproportionally in the US. ‘The fourth industrial revolution – the tech revolution – is happening now, and savvy investors will want to be part of it,’ she says. She has reservations over crypto-currencies, however: ‘It won’t be a panacea that some people think it will. But I do think the technology around crypto, specifically the blockchain technology, will make our lives simpler, quicker and cheaper. ’ Also recommended at LGT Vestra is Jenny Tozer – ‘one of the most impressive individuals in the wealth market’.