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Move Over, Darling

This budget was a disaster wrapped in a crisis delivered by a wastrel, looking backwards and pleading bankruptcy.

This budget was a disaster wrapped in a crisis delivered by a wastrel, looking backwards and pleading uncontrolled bankruptcy. The crisis was one of regulatory failure under a system designed by the architect of our misfortunes, one Gordon Brown, the land of the busted banks.

The disaster was ten years in the making, when New Labour spent everything that came in making 'for the future' and saved not a dime, as the big Brown bear roared to an incredulous House of Commons in 2007 that he had abolished boom and bust.

The big Brown bear had presided over an economy that had been in constant real decline since 1997, though, as 750,000 jobs in industry were lost and “replaced” by 750,000 in bureaucracy, an exchange lacking any viability for the future.

That New Labour is now revealed as just ‘tax and spend’ old Labour should not surprise us, nor should the fact that they have bust the country and bequeathed us ten years of stagflation and decline. Why did we believe this nonsense perpetrated first by Blair, who was all spin and no substance, and throughout by the big Brown bear with 'the clunking fist', calling himself Prudence?

And this budget sought to pull more wool over our eyes, as Darling came out with so much platitudinous crap that I believed impossible: 'The British motor industry has been a success story over the decades…'; 'this government will get the country through this recession…'; 'growth will resume in 2010…,' in time for the general election? And 'this is the first carbon budget … a landmark step…'

Not a word on how to address the borrowings taken on by this bunch of spendthrifts, or how to defend Sterling. This was an entirely vacuous performance, totally divorced from the stark realities we are facing, but as ever with these spinners the real budget will be in the Inland Revenue notices issued over the next month.

And here’s the last word on this pathetic budget: did you know that the working title for the movie ‘Move over Darling’ was ‘Something’s Got To Give’. I bet Mr. Darling didn’t know that.