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Most Expensive Phone in the World

Author: Peter Matthews

Customising your iPhone with diamonds or having it plated in gold is the norm for today’s young UHNWs and scene-stepping fashionistas. But is there a mobile phone company where this simply comes as standard practice? A phone brand which denotes exclusivity, quality and luxury in the same way as the top traditional watchmakers?

The answer is yes. Based in Geneva, the home of watchmaking, GoldVish is the recognised producer of the most expensive phone in the world – as certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

The most expensive phone ever made, GoldVish’s ‘Le Million’ – with a hefty price tag of one million Euros -launched in Cannes in 2006. Only three of this exclusive cell phone were produced, with the first instantly snapped up by a Russian businessman.

In terms of GoldVish’s ‘standard’ phones, prices range from € 6,900 right up to a starting price €369,000 for a ‘Revolution’ model, making them some of the most expensive mobile phones currently on the market.