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Minimalist tea sets

Author: Romy van den Broeke

Classic tea sets are ornate, quaint and quintessential to their country of origin, but we’ve spotted a new type of tea set that has taken our fancy. The sharp lines, bulbous curves and stark material of the minimalist tea set are a welcome change from the intricate and fancy details of the classic. So if you’re a tea drinker but have an eye for design, have a look at our favourite minimalist tea sets around.

Jannis Ellenberger

Jannis Ellenberger’s Chai tea set is compact, smart and portable. The set is made from wood and porcelain and even has its own miniature stove for keeping the tea warm.

Tonkfish Design

This innovative tea set from Tonkfish Design is made from wood and ceramic – white or black. The concept was to design a product that worked as both a table and a cup holder. Aptly called WARM, the most inventive element of the design is the wooden holders that help to insulate the hot drink within each vessel. Take a look at

Tom Dixon

Design dignitary Tom Dixon has a thing for brass. Made from spun brass, which is then polished and dipped in a warm-gold wash, the Form tea set includes a jug, tea caddy, milk jug, sugar dish and spoon and a tray.

Vuk Dragovic

Vuk Dragovic’s revolutionary take on the tea set explores the art of brewing. The Dione teacup is in two different parts, called ‘hemispheres’, and between is a thin net that works to keep the tea leaves from entering the cup. The concentrated brewing extracts the full aroma from the tea leaves before it is flipped 180 degrees and the cup of tea can be drunk.

Oliver Hemming

Oliver Hemming’s nio – nio tea set was first designed in 1982. Now out of production, this advanced tea set received accolade after accolade, including being featured in the “100 things to buy before you die” book. The set is comprised of a teapot, sugar bowl, spoon and milk jug and is made from stainless steel.

Patricia Wong

Inspired by glass blowing, this unusual tea set was designed by Patricia Wong. Called Wavy, the tea set has been described by the designer as a ‘tea set that is alive.’


Inspired by utility design, the Ottagonale tea and coffee set by Carlo Alessi for Alessi is a striking example of the modern set. Made from polished stainless steel, the collection includes a tea and coffee pot, a milk jug and a sugar bowl. Sold individually from £59 per piece at