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Kate Capocci

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Kate Capocci
Wealth Managers 2018
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For Kate Capocci, entering the world of wealth management was a no brainer, but it’s not only for her fondness of numbers. She joined the industry as a credit analyst intern after graduating from St Andrews and sped through ‘a very fast learning curve’, before joining Smith & Williamson three years ago. ‘It’s also about the qualitative research – you’ve got to know about macropolitical events and even human psychology, it’s so broad,’ she says.

Capocci is focusing on long-term investments for a wide range of clients, who are often many different members of the same family, charities and even ‘children portfolios’.

One area she relishes is ESG and ethical investments, which are popular in the wake of public awareness around global issues such as climate change, population crisis and poverty. The language used in this area has also changed, says Capocci. ‘In the past we had more negative restrictions – no tobacco, no alcohol, etc. Now I’m receiving calls from other managers asking about the companies that are reducing plastic or helping recycling.

‘Companies are getting reputational damage if they don’t look into these factors –
I think it’s definitely growing and is here to stay.’