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How Many Non-Doms Live in the UK?

WealthInsight’s research offers something rare: some hard facts and figures revealing the size and nature of the UK’s non-dom community

WealthInsight’s report on the shape and size of British UHNW wealth sheds some much-needed light onto the non-dom question.

In 2013, it’s hard to open a newspaper without reading about the pros and cons of foreign wealth. If it’s not the Daily Mail ruminating over the dilution of British values, it’s the Daily Telegraph purring over the housing boom.

It’s welcome to get hold of some hard facts, rather than soft opinion, in the form of WealthInsight’s non-dom growth analysis, to at least get a grip on the size and nature of the UK’s non-dom community.

Surprisingly, it shows the US, India and South Africa have the largest number of non-dom UHNWs in the UK; not the Russian and Gulf States that the press posit.

That said, Russian and Indian UHNWs have migrated faster than anyone else over the past four years. Considering the trend is counterbalanced by a net exit from US UHNWs, that’ll give private-client advisors food for thought when considering a second language.

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