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Emily’s Openings: King’s Cross Ice Cream Festival

King’s Cross Ice Cream Festival this weekend is something for the kids, grown-up ones included.

This weekend we have something for the kids, grown-up ones included. I’ve spent many a family holiday eating ice-cream wherever and whenever we passed a gelateria (thanks, Dad) so the thought of the King’s Cross Ice Cream Festival is a very pleasing one. Several ice-cream maestros all in the same place. With actual cows. And liquid nitrogen. And it is free – perfetto!

Now, as far as I know, you cannot directly combine the cows and the liquid nitrogen to speed up the ice-cream making process but you can do the various stages separately. So stage one, go to the petting area and milk a cow and stage two, blast the warmth out of that milk with some excellent chemistry lesson fun.
You can also take part in some ice cream art, which sounds like it could be sticky but great. Fun aside, there will be some serious gastronomy on show with some of the best icecreamologists in the South East taking part: Morelli’s of Broadstairs; Gelatorino of Covent Garden; Mad Cap Charlie and Shepherds of Herefordshire being just a few of the stand out names.  A great opportunity to try some new flavours while learning a little something about where your food comes from, both historically and physically. 
The festival runs 1-2 September from 11am – 6pm and admission is free (ice-cream sadly not).

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