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Edward Amory
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Freuds managing partner Edward Amory has seen it all. ‘I worked first in politics as an adviser to ministers, then in media as a writer and fixer for editors, and now I combine these two worlds in my role at freuds,’ he explains. He points to the varied nature of the work: ‘I provide high-level counsel to leaders facing reputational challenges and opportunities. My clients range from those that provide consumer products, to financial services, to development banks, to healthcare.’ It’s also a dynamic job. ‘Our industry is going through a period of profound change driven by two factors,’ he tells us. ‘Loss of consumer trust in previously respected authorities, including media, and technological change driving profound economic shifts within media.’ Those shifts have a tangible result: ‘As a result, many of our clients are now choosing to communicate directly through creative content with the audiences that matter to them.’ Amory admires those who are moving the world in the right direction: ‘I’m inspired by men and women of all ages who aspire to change the world for the better, and I believe that the number of those individuals is growing, which gives me hope for our planet.’