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Claude Bosi

This year we discovered just how entertaining food spats could be.

We know from the popularity of Great British Bake-Off, Masterchef and Great British Menu that everyone loves a food-related catastrophe — a sunken soufflé, cloudy consommé or dropped apple tart can reduce a TV contestant to tears, but ultimately this is a cosy, comforting sort of drama.

This year we discovered that food-spats can be just as entertaining. To recap on the story, James Isherwood, a previously unknown food blogger tweeted chef Claude Bosi mildly criticizing his food, Claude Bosi responded with a four-letter word Spear’s would rather not repeat. Seemingly the whole of twitter joined in on the fight.

Spear’s William Sitwell interviewed the fiery French chef — an interview that was picked up by both the The Times and the Telegraph, and then, in the interests of fairness we also got James Isherwood’s side of the story. It was the food fight of the year.