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China's New Leadership and the Best of Spear's China Archive

As attention shifts eastwards from the US to China we revisit some of our best articles on China, offering insights on wealth, luxury and business in a country poised for change.

There won't be the same popular rallies and televised debates, most people in Britain don't even know the names of the top candidates involved, but China's new leadership is currently being decided — and the outcome will have a decisive effect on all of us.

They will be running the world's most populous country and an ascending superpower, at a time when economic growth is stalling, income inequality is rising, and the internet is opening up new channels for dissidents to air their views or organise — and all this in the wake of one of the country's largest corruption scandals among its senior leadership. The BBC has an excellent graphic with profiles of the front runners for power, for those who want (or need) to swot up.

We've revisited our archives to bring you some of our best stories covering wealth, luxury and business in China.

1. China's Chanel: When Will Chinese Luxury Brands Make it Big?
The Chinese luxury market is swallowing up Western products like there’s no tomorrow. But what of the country’s own luxury brands? Sophie McBain finds growth in that area is a whole lot slower

2. What Future for China's Investments in Africa?

Politically exposed persons are found in volatile global situations. Our new columnist, lawyer and activist Robert Amsterdam, reports on some of those frontlines, starting with China in Africa

3. Luxury Property in China: Boom, but at what cost?
An apartment in China is like a Patek Philippe watch: you never really own one. But that’s doing nothing to slow down the mad rush for prime real estate, says Harry Dean

4. Chinese Collectors Are Not Only Buying Bordeaux Wines But Vineyards Too
The Chinese have fallen in love with Bordeaux, and they’re not just buying its wines — they’re now collecting vineyards too, says Christopher Silvester

5. Into the Dragon's Den
As China’s financial powerhouse, Shanghai stands poised to become not only a playground for the rich but also one of the world’s great megacities, says Josh Spero

6. Chinese Takeaway
The Dragon is awakening and is hungry for art. Rory Ross reports on how Chinese money and taste are going to revolutionise the art world

7. Cultural Revolution
Dealer Michael Goedhuis tells Anthony Haden-Guest why he believes contemporary Chinese art is all set for its next great leap forward

8. Remote Control
Outside China’s shiny, noisy cities, there are age-old villages, serene mountaintops and as much Tai Chi as you can handle. Bliss, says Harry Dean