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The best private schools

The best private schools

Private schools have produced some of the country’s most influential and recognised names. But it becomes difficult to pick out the best one for a child with so many top-performing establishments around. Here is a rundown of the best private schools.

Private schools are some of the country's oldest. Magdalen College and City of London date their founding back to the 15th century. St Paul's and Westminster go back to the 16th. But they have all maintained their reputation over time as factories of some of the most important and influential figures in history.

Academic performance is a constant at these schools. And this appears to predetermine the lives of pupils leaving these institutions. Famous architects, prime ministers, Hollywood actors and Fleet Street editors are just a sample of those to have come out of private education.

These greater odds for success mean entry into the best private schools is highly competitive. There are English, Maths and reasoning exams as well as interviews for applicants to get through. It can be a lot to ask of a ten or eleven-year-old. Some even have this procedure for admission at 7+.

Day schools make up our selection although a few offer boarding facilities. We have looked at academic performance, university destinations and notable alumni to give you a flavour of each school's calibre.