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Best of Spear’s: The BMW i3, David Zwirner on Small Galleries, Legal Aid and the Rule of Law

The five most read articles on Spear’s last week, and the best of the blogs

The five most read articles on Spear's last week:

1. Review: Gloriana, Royal Opera House

I can’t imagine anyone was ready for a Tudor drama to be set to such a fresh yet beautiful contemporary scoring but in 2013 it seems the tide has turned

2. With the i3, BMW may have cracked the electric car market

​Bright sparks have been trying to make electric cars a turn-on for decades. They’ve failed. But BMW may just have cracked the future of green motoring, says John Arlidge

3. David Zwirner: The art world must save smaller galleries

'It seems that the audience seems to gravitate towards the galleries that have a little glory attached to their name. That's too bad.'

4. Chris Grayling’s Legal Aid Cuts

'I’ve just come back from Burma,’ says Shauneen Lambe, ‘and there they are trying to build a legal model to protect fundamental human rights. But here, we’re eroding those rights.'

5. Ben Goldsmith launch at 45 Park Lane

Last night at 45 Park Lane, guests including Jemima Khan, Sir Mark Thatcher and Jemima Jones gathered to celebrate the launch of issue 33 of Spear's, guest-edited by Ben Goldsmith


And the best of the blogs:

Britain Loves Immigrants as Long as they Pay their Way

There is a general recognition that there must be an economic dimension to border policy – the concern is therefore more over policy implementation than basis

World Wealth Report 2013

Three of the key factors by which HNWs select their managers show neither model has an edge

Why does Ukraine want to join the EU?

Ukraine has a well-educated middle class, but is essentially bust and is currently in receipt of IMF funding – yet again




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