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Best of Spear’s: Opera in Beirut, bones in Leicester, alcohol (not) in bathtubs

The best articles and blogs from the past week at Spear’s

We present the most popular articles from the Spear's website last week: Opera in Beirut, bones in Leicester, alcohol (not) in bathtubs


1. On the trail of opera in Beirut, amid wars and lies, and what it tells us about the Middle East today

Could Beirut be the new Bayreuth? Lebanon’s fledgling opera scene is emerging from desperate Civil War days with the help of bold philanthropists and (sometimes) harmonious sopranos — but not everyone is singing from the same libretto.


2. Day of the Remains: after Richard III was recovered, who owns your corpse?

There are too many families and friends who have gone through the distressing and divisive experience of arguing over what to do with their loved one’s remains

3. Not bathwater any longer: moonshine makes a comeback as a luxury spirit

Without quite losing its reputation as illicit hillbilly homebrew, moonshine has led a whisky renaissance, says Amy Guttman


4. Five ways to make your divorce easier

Getting divorced at any time is stressful and difficult, but here are five tried and tested tips to help you survive the experience


5. Retail heir's assault on wife exposes the reality of domestic violence and the wealthy

Coming less than two months after Charles Saatchi's public assault on Nigella Lawson, this latest scandal reveals a number of truths about domestic violence and the wealthy


And the best of the blogs

After German elections, Merkel will still be left footing the bill

Why the narcissism of the wealthy isn't always a bad thing

Spinning for Syria: Why there's always someone willing to play devil's advocate



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