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Best of Spear’s Last Week: The Guardian’s BVI Revelations, Simon de Pury and Azerbaijan, Class in the UK

The most read articles on Spear’s last week and the best of the blogs

The most read articles on Spear’s last week: 

1. The Guardian’s BVI tax scoop tars all HNWs with the same brush
‘If people have money – and have acquired it legitimately – and they choose to put it in the British Virgin Islands, then that’s entirely legal’

2. BVI account-holders exposed, tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy vindicated

Murphy has been fighting the use of secrecy jurisdictions (his term for tax havens or low tax jurisdictions) since 2003, so today’s news is vindication, if not a surprise, he tells Spear’s

3. Simon de Pury: ‘Art Has Always Been Used as PR’

The art world was shocked when Simon de Pury quit the auction house he headed before Christmas. Josh Spero is shocked that among his new projects is Fly to Baku, an exhibition of work from the repressive regime of Azerbaijan

4. The Guardian’s BVI revelations may cause a damaging flight of the wealthy
If the government were smart, they would rather bring in policies that would attract more Golden Geese to their tax system

5. Spear’s Young Turk Awards 2013 Winner Photos

Last night at the Fine Art Society on New Bond Street, the winners of the Spear’s Young Turk Awards 2013, for rising stars aged under 35, were announced.

And the best of the blogs:

The UK now has seven social classes, a survey says. It’s more like seven thousand
Class is such a slippery concept in the UK that while the latest survey claiming we now have seven classes is interesting, it’s not even very important

In property, as in life, timing is everything
We have a client – impossibly rich – his wealth stretching to such a sphere that it becomes incomprehensible to those merely made comfortable by money

Love on the Rocks
The reason I will never go back to the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat is sentimentality, stabbed with romantic nostalgia
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