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Best of Spear’s from last week

Catch up on the most popular articles on Spear’s last week and the best of the blogs

Catch up on the most popular articles on Spear’s last week and the best of the blogs

1. Top Ten Films to Book at the BFI London Film Festival

From Ben Affleck to Isabelle Huppert, we bring you the top ten films in the BFI London Film Festival you should be booking NOW. By Amir Feshareki

2. First Review of Aveqia, London: DIY Cookery and Culinary Team-Building

Run by a group of delightful Swedish chefs, all of whom have worked in Michelin-starred kitchens, the idea is that you can learn the tricks of restaurant kitchens, using the best technology, under expert guidance and with handily pre-measured and sourced ingredients

3. First Review of Chrysan, From Hakkasan Group

Chrysan near Liverpool Street is the new venture from the brains behind the Hakkasan Group and Yoshihiro Murata, holder of seven Michelin stars in Japan. Tim Mawn, a Japanophile, is impressed – but not by the cauliflower

4. Patrick Sandeman Obituary and Memories

If you have any memories you’d like to share of Patrick Sandeman, who died over the weekend in a skydiving accident, please do. Here Margaret Rand writes about how he helped to make Lea and Sandeman such a success

5. What John Studzinski Sees in Greta Alfaro’s Rat Race

When people talk about city life being a rat race, they probably don’t mean it literally (except for pest control experts, obviously). Greta Alfaro has put a rat’s eye perspective on our rat race at the heart of her new exhibition, supported by John Studzinski’s Genesis Foundation


1. Kenny Schachter: Record-Breaking Auction Prices Are a Bubble

For a confluence of reasons, we are in the midst of a tsunami of demand for art that is pent up like a horny teenager

2. Given Mansion Tax Proposals, Widows in £2m Houses Should Be Forced to Sell

Who are these widows? Where are these widows? How many of them are there? We don’t know, but we do know one thing: they are being used as a scare tactic to avoid having a legitimate discussion on whether those who own larger homes should have to pay more tax on them

3. Winter May Be Chilly, But Its Friendships Are Warm

As easy as the emigration case is to make, I forced myself this morning to think about why people reside in London over the winter

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