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Best of Spear’s: A Small World’s Purge, Aqua Shard, Philip Mould

The most read articles on Spear’s last week and the best of the blogs

The most read articles on Spear's last week:

1. The egos and arguments behind A Small World's purge of members, and the rival group getting its own back

After exclusive social network A Small World began a purge of its members, Melinda Hughes talks to some of those thrown out and explores the raging egos, furious rivalries and anti-social behaviour behind the exodus

2. Review: Aqua Shard

Aqua Shard is not going to reinvent the London restaurant, but it may well give it a lift.

3. Listen to Philip Mould's talk at Masterpiece London

Hear Philip Mould discuss how shoe buckles set him on the path of art dealing, how he tracks down lost paintings and why auction houses are taking over the art world

4. Try fly-fishing and you'll be hooked

Up to his thighs in a Hampshire stream, James Suenson-Taylor considers fly-fishing, a most noble of sports and a way of communing with nature. Cast away!

5. London, Cigar Capital of the World

Counter-intuitively, the recession and the smoking ban are turning London into the cigar capital of the world. And swanky new smoking rooms are filling with women, as well as men, says Charlotte Metcalf


The best of the Blogs:

When buying art, provenance holds risks for buyers, sellers and donors

Provenance, provenance, provenance. A recent spat between Germany and Russia over a new exhibition at the Hermitage highlights its importance

Sitwell Scoffs: Going Off-Menu at Hush Brasserie

Everyone's ordering off-menu these days, and William Sitwell isn't one to ignore a trend. He didn't get off to an easy start at Hush on Ludgate Hill, however.

Why I'll Always Choose London Over Paris

A few trips beyond his usual West London stomping grounds reminds Sebastian Gibson of why the Capital is such an exciting place to live


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