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Wayne LaPierre’s Net Worth

  • Executive Vice President of the NRA
  • He’s the frontrunner of the most controversial and possibly talked about organisation in America today. What is NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre’s net worth?

    Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr was born in New York on 8 November 1949 to parents, Wayne and Hazel LaPierre. When he was five his family moved to Virginia where he grew up in a strict Catholic household.

    Before becoming an author, CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA – LaPierre attended Siena College for his undergraduate degree and went on to Boston College where he attained his master’s in government politics.

    In 1977, LaPierre started working for the biggest gun rights organisation in the USA – National Rifle Association of America (NRA) – prior to becoming the executive vice president and chief executive officer in 1991 – a position he still holds today.

    Wayne LaPierre's Net WorthThe NRA are famous for pouring money into political races and in 2010 the group received £50 million from contributors and grants, £71 million from membership fees and £32 million from other revenue sources, such as advertisements and subscriptions.

    In his role, LaPierre generates an annual salary of £705,000, with a bonus of approximately £107,000 and has a net worth of over £7 million – making him part of the elite.  Evidently, he’s had a positive impact on the organisation due to his cohesive character and friends in high places. He transformed the NRA from a small organisation, to one of the most powerful and controversial groups in America.

    The NRA brought in more than £240 million in gross revenue in 2015, an increase of about £18 million from the previous year and it has remained the same or just above since.

    In the same year, LaPierre received a retirement pay-out of £2.7 million and he also earns £71,000 per year in public speaking fees and book royalties.

    He is the author of Guns, Crime and Freedom, Shooting Straight: Telling the Truth about Guns in America, Inside the U.N. and Obama’s Scheme to Destroy the Second Amendment and other titles.