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Video: Wolfgang Puck Demonstrates How to Make the Perfect Omelette

Omelettes may seem simple, but many good cooks get them wrong, says Wolfgang Puck. Emily Rookwood visited Puck at CUT at 45 Park Lane for a chat and lesson in omelette making.

This week I went to the kitchen at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT at 45 Park Lane to talk and cook breakfast with the man himself.

In next week’s Food Friday there will be a full write-up of the experience and instructions on how to make a potato galette with dill cream, smoked salmon and caviar, as well as omelettes for two. In addition there will be news from the Oscars’ dinner and some insights into the way Wolfgang Puck works.

As a special treat for you, I have a little video of Wolfgang making his famous omelettes. I only have the important bowl to pan to plate stages documented, so let me give you the preparatory notes here:

First, break 3 eggs per person into a clean bowl. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, a dash of cream and whisk well. At this stage Puck likes to add a little grating of fresh parmesan cheese too.

Try to avoid adding any shell to the mix, even if it might add ‘a little extra flavour!’

Now, for the making of the omelette – something that many people struggle to do well – I suggest you watch this highly instructional video, complete with winking Wolfgang.

Extra News:

I also heard from the man himself that he will be pairing up with great friend and fellow chef, Alain Ducasse, for a special dinner at CUT in June and a possible follow up dinner at Ducasse at the Dorchester later in the Autumn — a very exciting prospect. I will bring you more details as and when I have them.
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