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Spear’s profile of Andrew Dalton

A profile of Andrew Dalton, founder of Dalton Strategic Partnership, who died on Easter Sunday

From the Spear’s HNW Wealth Manager Index

Dalton is managing partner of the Dalton Strategic Partnership (DSP). Together with Rupert Caldecott, he is in the cockpit of the DSP’s global asset allocation team, which manages £390 million of private client assets.

With 37 years of frontline service, the Oundle and Oxford man is one of the most experienced asset allocators in the industry. Dalton founded the DSP in 2002, with a focus on ‘global views, lively internal debate, absolute return focus, stringent risk control, consistent returns and personal service’. As he says, ‘We like to make sure that our clients understand what we are doing for them and why.’

The firm is very good at keeping clients happy, proven by the fact that the global asset allocation team has never had a redemption. For peace of mind, potential clients should know that the house was fully in cash in September 2008.

Dalton himself is a consummate performer, who speaks with an air of total authority. He collects early English glass and modern British silver, and like Benjamin Franklin believes that ‘an investment in knowledge pays the best interest’.