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Revealed: The favourite sports of millionaires

The research shows that football is the number one sport among millionaires globally, followed by golf, skiing & winter sports, sailing and equestrian pursuits.

The global dominance of the Premier League is shown in the research as Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur top the list of football teams most supported by millionaires.

Football is also millionaires’ favoured sport to watch and play within the UK – with golf (2), skiing & winter sports (3), sailing (4) and equestrian activities (5) following, matching the global pattern. Cricket is at six, while polo – a favourite of the elite and Princes William and Harry – makes number eighteen.

Favourite Sports of Millionaires (Global list)

Commenting on the findings, Oliver Williams of WealthInsight said: “It’s hugely symbolic of the rise of the nouveau riche that football, once considered a sport for the working class, is now the most favoured pursuit of the wealthy.

“While the mainstays of the British aristocracy remain in the top ten – equestrian, sailing and polo – they have recently followed football in becoming dominated by foreign wealth. Horse races are now won by Emiratis and Qataris, while sailing is now less about winning races than building gargantuan superyachts.”

Favourite sports of millionaires (UK)

Most Supported Football Teams among Millionaires (Global)

Meanwhile in the US, golf was the ultimate sport for millionaires, followed by American football, skiing & winter sports, basketball, water sports and baseball.

Dance, tennis and cardio exercise/’Keep Fit’ featured in the Top 10 for female millionaires globally but not for men, while male millionaires rated car racing, hunting, fishing and basketball much higher than their female counterparts.

Football was also the top sport for billionaires globally, followed by golf, sailing, skiing & winter sports and equestrian pursuits.