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Renato Labi

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Renato Labi
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A respected family lawyer, Labi started out as an insurance litigator going up against rich and powerful opponents. He certainly hasn’t been shy of upping the ante: ‘Mediation works in some cases but not all. If you have a very big power imbalance, or if you have suspicions of financial non-disclosure, you’re not going to be able to mediate it,’ he previously told Spear’s.

He should know: his most attention-grabbing case was Imerman v Tchenguiz, a four-year battle that, says Labi, ‘brought the family law courts in line with the practice and law of the rest of the system, which said you cannot just raid someone’s computer and violate their confidence’

Away from work he finds solace in verse, chairing the charity Poet in the City, which promotes the love of poetry inside and outside the Square Mile.