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Private Banker International to host Timetric Singapore annual Wealth Summit and Awards in Hong Kong

The Summit, organised by Timetric Singapore, will bring together key private banking industry leaders to assess and discuss the core strategies to leverage on the rapidly evolving trends and opportunities of the Greater China region.

Ruben Kempeneer, regional director of Timetric Singapore commented: “The private banking industry has been facing sweeping changes in areas of regulatory frameworks, client preferences and rising competition to name a few. Asia has particularly hit the limelight as a region of tremendous opportunity, within which the Greater China markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan exhibit their own unique dynamic. With the vested interest of private banks in these markets, our annual summit provides a platform for the industry’s best to decipher the most significant trends, from the liberalisation of the Chinese economy to the changing needs of ultra-high-worth segment as well as the potential that lies in the increasingly important next-generation clientele. These changes are transformative, and need to be discussed with sophistication and accuracy in order for them to truly develop into significant business opportunities.”

In this year’s Summit, the journal will bring to the fore the most poignant topics of the Greater China space, including the changing regulatory landscape, the onshore and offshore opportunity, and how the spectrum of wealth management models adopt to these factors. A deep dive into Greater China’s unique client segments, as well as the role of technology in delivering the optimum service model will also be facilitated.

The Summit will be held in conjunction with the PBI Greater China Awards presentation, the journal’s annual recognition of the Greater China’s innovative and superior wealth management propositions of global as well as regional private banks.
Amit Patel of Timetric Singapore commented: “Our PBI Greater China awards are a testament to the increasing sophistication and onus of private banks in this region to deliver quality product and service proposition for a unique clientele with evolving demands.”