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Nukes 'R' Us

Bolivia is a known supplier of uranium, but Venezuela? Of course, reports pertaining to WMD have been wrong before

Lest the world’s attention be turned to North Korea and away from Israel and its problems, the Associated Press has “obtained” (from whom, I wonder?) a secret Israeli government report (could it be from an Israeli government official?) that Iran has been getting uranium from Venezuela and Bolivia. The document says nothing about the source or the quality of the uranium.

Now Bolivia is a known supplier of uranium, but Venezuela? While Venezuela sits on 50,000 tons of uranium (there are very few natural resources Venezuela doesn’t have; Venezuelans have a popular joke involving God about this), last December's report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace swears Venezuela isn’t mining any of it. Of course, reports pertaining to WMD have been known to be wrong before…

Here’s what I think: the “obtention” of this top-secret report by the world’s biggest news source is a coordinated effort between the US and Israel. Chávez has long supported Hezbollah, who wave posters of him in appreciation of his giving them Venezuelan ID cards so they can evade capture.

So now, while the world is concerned with nukes, they release this report, which would designate South America’s two most socialist nations as supporters of one of the elite members of the US State Department’s State Sponsors of Terror.

Over a year ago, I wrote in Diplomat about how the US was pushing to put Venezuela on the list and I deemed it unlikely, primarily because of the massive dismantling of US business interests it would entail.

Of course, if Chávez is dismantling those interests anyway, the US has less to lose by listing Venezuela and even gains a giant whip to use against the Chávez administration, much to the delight of both the Americans, whose president has vowed to stop buying Venezuelan oil in 10 years, and the Israelis, who want neither a nuclear Iran nor an armed and evasive Hezbollah.

Now who says geopolitics has to be a zero-sum game?