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What does a new year bring?

New year, new office We're now working out of our most civilised new offices in Notting Hill. From our temporary camp in Shepherds Bush (Holland Park at a very big pinch), with the behemoth of the Westfield looming over dirty streets, I can now enjoy civilised breakfast places – a multitude of them – and second-hand classical music stores and plentitudinous local sushi.

New year, new book I've started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by the late Stieg Larsson. It's the first volume of his Millennium techno-mystery-thriller trilogy, and – three chapters in – takes you into the icy corruption that lies underneath Swedish calm. There are hints of government corruption, international exploitation, money laundering and murder – a tale from the Treasury?

New year, new clothes Recommendations, please – I'm looking to diversify. Nothing too smart, nothing too casual, nothing too patterned, nothing too tight. Stripes a plus.

New year, new colleagues Spear's is welcoming on board new members of staff for our grand expansion plans. Freddy Barker joined us last year as head of the Spear's Research Unit, putting the proprietary data into our Spear's Indices, and we are increasing it soon. We are also increasing our sales staff and will be growing too.

New year, new magazine Out at the start of March, Spear's has its art and collecting special, as well as a Spear's Index which will blow you away. Away!