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Nick Crayson
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We’re not your typical estate agent,’ says Crayson when asked about his firm’s USP, ‘we’re much more of a family-office-style operation. We’re low-volume, high-service, that’s what we do.’

The confident Crayson found 2015 to be an exciting year, albeit a challenging one: ‘We were able to operate at quite a high level, bearing in mind all the various tax changes that happened in property. We are just a bit more capable of reacting to that kind of thing quickly, and, as a result, we can benefit from it quite substantially, which we have done.’

An entrepreneurial agent who also has his own record label, an arts company, and a partnership with audio giant Bowers & Wilkins (as well as experience in corporate finance at Rothschilds), Crayson is proud of his latest project: ‘I set up a new investment division which takes advantage of the heavy discount being offered by some developers on new-build stock. That’s why we’re doing a lot of business.’

He’s also expanding his firm. ‘I think I’m the only agent in this area hiring staff at the moment. I hired two new staff last month. Everybody else is contracting. They don’t know how to deal with a market like this.’