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New data: The top industries for creating male and female millionaires

Which industries have the most female millionaires and which have the most male? While a significant pay gap still remains between the sexes – as reported last week – it is always interesting to note which industries create the most millionaires in both camps.

Leading wealth consultancy company WealthInsight has today provided Spear’s with exclusive data outlining the industries that currently breed the most male and female millionaires.

According to the statistics, the top industry for female millionaires is media, followed by financial services and investments. As for male millionaires? The financial services and investments sector leads, accounting for 16 per cent of all male millionaires. It’s followed by the ever expanding tech industry and manufacturing/retail.

The data highlights that female millionaires dominate many of the ‘softer’ and newer industries, such as media, retail and fashion and hotels, restaurants and leisure. Meanwhile, traditional ‘hard’ industries such as basic materials – which covers mining and agriculture -and manufacturing remain the domain of male millionaires.

WealthInsight compiled the data using their proprietary database of over 100,000 HNWIs worldwide. Analyst Oliver Williams, who carried out the research, commented: “It has been a triumph of equality to see an ongoing increase in female millionaires globally, but what this ranking shows is where these female millionaires are making their money.”

Percentage of female millionaires per industry:

Female millionaires per industry

Percentage of male millionaires per industry:

Percentage of male millionaires per industry