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Impetus Trust: Wealthy donors encouraged to give time too

Wealthy individuals and business owners thinking of reducing their charity donations as a result of changes in tax law are being urged to donate time instead of or in addition to their cash going to good causes

Government’s Giving Summit used to build support for ‘Executeering’

The recent budget decision to reduce tax relief on charitable donations has left many charities concerned about future funding. As a way of making up part of this potential financial shortfall, Impetus Trust is calling on professionals to donate their executive skills to charity.

New research by Impetus Trust shows that just 13% of businesses provide executive volunteering opportunities, despite 60% of business managers believing that it is important for them to do so.

Dubbed ‘executeering’ senior business people donate their ‘day job’ services to charities. Unlike traditional volunteering which tends to be physical support, such as painting, cleaning or leafleting, executeering involves giving senior executive time in skills that charities sometimes lack such as accounting, financial planning and strategic advice and management.

The research among Britain’s business leaders revealed that two thirds of British bosses believe that staff learn new skills through volunteering and more than half say that donating time and skills provides more satisfaction than donating money.

Watch this video to find out more about executeering from existing corporate partners and the charities that benefit from it.