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How to be charming

The traits that make up charismatic people are positivity, body language and leadership and – more importantly – being able to use these skills to get people on your side. Wishing this was you? Then start incorporating these charming attributes into your life.

Be present

Live in the moment. Over thinking can cause you to be self-conscious. Often thinking too hard about what you are doing tends to make you do worse. Rather than focusing on your mental chatter, use your senses and focus on what is going on in the room and the people around you. Being genuinely pleased to see someone will suggest that you are a truly nice person and that you value their company.

Body language

Equally, if not more important, is your body language. Be open and approachable. Smile, make eye contact and stand up straight. Rather than staying huddled in a corner checking your mobile phone or pretending to be looking for someone else, engage in conversation with others. Keep your hands at your sides as opposed to crossed. This will give the impression that you are welcoming and ready to talk.


The most obvious and the simplest rule – don’t forget to smile! Emotions are contagious. This will put people at ease and will make people feel comfortable with you. However, make sure it’s authentic. If your smile isn’t genuine people will be able to tell.

Be curious

Listen with interest and show sincerity. Be quiet rather than loud but don’t be timid. By paying attention, you will show people that you find them interesting. Use people’s name when talking to them. This will prove that you’re a good listener and you pay close attention to detail. Let them feel as though the world revolves around them. There is absolutely nothing that people love more.

Accept compliments

When receiving a compliment don’t squirm, avoid eye contact and mumble. Instead, embrace it. Politely accepting a compliment with a simple “thank you” is all it takes to prove that you are gracious and dignified. Accepting a compliment shows that you are assertive and understand your self-worth.

Be confident

It’s easier for people to like you if you like yourself. People will notice your optimism and enthusiasm so it is important to trust your capabilities. A fundamental part of being charming and feeling good about