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Helen Ward
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A ‘tigress who never sleeps’ according to peers, the Spear’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner has had another stellar year dealing with a range of cases including a divorce fourteen years after separation, the repayment of a loan to a father-in-law, pre-nups, post-nups, and, in the last few months, Hague Convention proceedings on behalf of Guy Ritchie.

Sincere and good-natured, Lady Ward says: ‘One has to be very creative and very persistent in trying to find a creative solution that facilitates a settlement. You have to think round corners and outside the conventional structure.’ She points to one case involving a transatlantic couple where she managed to provide the portions that both parties wanted ‘with some very good strategic tax planning and accommodation of their long-term wishes. It was a really productive, good process.’

Citing the power of ‘subconscious inspiration’, her mind never rests. The IAFL fellow recently organised a seminar in Sicily based on The Godfather’s Corleones. Praise is abundant: ‘Not merely one of the best, but the best family lawyer in London,’ legendary QC Lewis Marks told Spear’s last year.