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Getting rid of Gitmo

Nobody has explained where the current inmates, more than two hundred, would be accommodated.

Both American presidential candidates pledged to close the detention facility at the U.S. Marine Corps base at Guantanamo Bay, but as yet nobody has explained where the current inmates, numbering more than two hundred in all, would be accommodated.

The problem has enormous consequences. Where will the prisoners go, when most do not want to return to their own countries, where they would be assured of a warm reception? Although much of the world acknowledges these individuals are too dangerous to be released, nobody is offering a solution to the problem.

Understandably, the Americans will not absorb the unconvicted suspects into the mainland prison population, in part because of the legal implications, but also for fear of contaminating it with fundamentalist zealots.

Many of the prisoners have cooperated with their interrogators, which makes their position difficult and their release problematic, but there is a further issue to be considered, that of future detainees. Now that the CIA’s so-called black sites have been closed down, where will ‘enemy non-combatants’ undergo questioning?